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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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A wonderful friend near to my heart recently shared this quote with me..

“In truth, our aliveness depends on our ability to sustain wonder.”
M. Nepo

It made me really think..,
How I’ve never strived to feel aliveness but always searched for Happieness or Joy. Feeling the Aliveness within made me stop and ask myself
“What exacly makes me feel that feeling of Aliveness”? Since by nature I am a wonderer, I was extremly drawn to finish this statement:
“In truth, our aliveness depends on”…
I love what the author wrote “our ability to sustain wonder.”
Our ability To sustain Wonder!
I just love that…

So after wondering myself…
What my own personal aliveness depends on, this is what came to my heart:
“My aliveness depends on …deep meaningful connections, which allows me to wonder about life, be in awe of others, and love the world that surrounds me” ….Amy

I’ve always known how I came alive around people but never realized my “Connections with others truly made me feel an Aliveness which is my happiness and joy….
Oh, the simplicity of Wonder….

So let me ask…
What does your Aliveness depend on?

Written 11.17.11 a.weider
Repost 12.3.2014



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A Foot Away…

The storm this week affected many… As I was fortunate enough to miss it, having been close to Buffalo this past weekend I began to wonder…. Driving home the sun caught my eye. I couldn’t help but wonder about the sun and those basking in its warm sunshine… And us freezing in spite of the sun shinning…

My sweet friend is on vacation in the Dominion Republic, basking it that sunshine with her daughter… And so she thought it cute to rub my nose in her sunshine…

And I thought it cuter to do the same!

The point… An aha moment of remembering the same Sun shines upon All of us, no matter where we are! A great reminder to look up in the sky to connect with world around us!
In love, Awe and Wonder….

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As I was driving to the gym the other day I saw a sticker on the back of a women’s car…. “Triathlete” I thought “I’m a try-athlete, after all I’m heading to the gym!” As I walked through the door, my lady triathlete passed me by and I couldn’t help but wonder what motivates someone to be a triathlete.
As I was setting my bike for cycling class, I looked up and there she was… My triathlete teacher! Well, I kept up with her during class (at least it felt like I did) so there you have it, I too consider myself a Try-athlete!


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Imagine Oneness

Acceptance of oneness
All we should be
As a unified society

Imagine what oneness
Could look like
If we would all just see
The other person
Is no different than you and me

Embracing oneness
starts with the you in the me
What a world this would be!

Love, joy, peace all around
Our spirits to high
to touch the ground
A world with less usless noice
And a richer viberant sound

We could all hear what was finally being said
We would listen to each other
instead of a deafness that comes
With a close minded head.

Arms of oneness
Could we ever see?
Accepting, embracing others
For who they would be…

The freedom of oneness
so it could be
Imagine wrapping your Arms
around oneness and see
How living in a world
Filled with people
like you and like me…

Freedom to be
Freedom to see
Love all around
Embraced in the arms of Oneness
To live once and for all
And be set free…

7.12 copyright
11.14 repost

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Love Glasses On?

Somedays I need more inspiration than others… Today as I pondered for inspiration I came across this picture on FB with the caption…
“I can’t see haters I have my love glasses on”. I needed to look no further!

As I began to wonder about those who hate and those who naturally love, I couldn’t help but wonder why the difference… Nurture vs Nature?

A world filled with love, everyone wearing their love glasses 24/7, could you even imagine?

As I have aged, I have no use for haters in my life any longer. Those who claim to love yet judge… That judging causes haters… And if my knowledge of scripture serves me correctly…Jesus says clearly “let those who are without sin cast the first stone”. (Paraphrase John 8:7)

Let us not throw stones, let us not judge, let us not hate each other…

Love one another, forgive others, and accept each others differences!

Let’s all try to wear our love glasses daily and see how we can change the world!

Living life filled with love, awe and wonder!


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Talk to the Elderly

It just might surprise you what they have to say! One of my biggest pet peeves is people Ignore the Elderly!!!!
People… they are people too! They were you before you were you! They experienced all the same things you are going through… The difference? They’ve been there, and done that already!

I’m not sure why society discards our senior citizens… But it really pisses me off when a conversation is being had and my father isn’t part of it. As if he doesn’t understand, or has no opinion.

Being a caregiver for the past 20 plus years to elderly relatives, I’ve continued to notice the disrespect of seniors… It just bugs me to know end!
They are us and we will be them some day…

Next time you have a chance to talk to an elderly person, Please, Please, Please Talk with them, make eye contact and even go as far as touching them. Hold a hand, rub a shoulder they are starving for touch!

I was a Girl Scout for many years. And although I wasn’t a fan of camping in the woods, I did enjoy singing Christmas Carole’s at nursing homes…
We were taught to
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” Someday you too may be old and considered “elderly, a senior citizen” my question to you is…
How would you like to be treated?
Ignored or included?
Talked to or talked around?
Involved or looked over?
Left Alone or around others?
I know how I want to be treated at any age and that’s how we ALL need to treat and respect a very special generation called Senior Citizens…

The change starts with all of us… Please make an effort to love the wisest of the wise… What they have to say just might surprise you!

In love, awe and wonder…


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What Do You See?

Seeing what is around us is so individual… Is your cup half empty? Or is your cup half full? Do you see love and connection? Or do you have critical opinions? Do you have a need to be right? If so, who’s to say someone else is wrong? I couldn’t help but wonder this morning after seeing this picture which was posted on Facebook. Why do some see wishes and others see weeds? Why such a separation with humanity? Why so many personal opinions and such a strong desire to be right?

I can help but continue to want to spread love and acceptance…. There’s such a crazy, hate filled world we live in today and I can’t help but wonder why? My mind doesn’t grasp any good reason for judgement and separation anymore… I’ve lived my life thinking and even knowing without a doubt I WAS RIGHT! But the truth is I wasn’t!!!!

Today… living, loving, accepting others is one small step to the connection of humanity… Spreading a smile, a hug, passing a favor forward and sharing love, are all pieces to a giant puzzle of a world gone right!

WE are the answer… Each one of us has the responsibility of love and acceptance to our fellow human. It starts with you and me. No matter your “beliefs” we are ALL called to love one another…

So today I make a wish…
May you see love in everything and everyone that you come in contact with… Hold a hand, touch a shoulder, shed a tear, show someone how much you care….

Living life filled with love, awe and wonder…


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In The Middle…

When you are “in the middle” of something you get a 360 degree prospective… And unless you are “in the middle” you may not understand or have empathy. Life has many different experiences, so many that we may never experience them all… And therefore may not have a true understanding of some life situations… I believe that’s where judgement comes in for some. Thinking they know what they believe from afar but not having been “in the middle” to truly see the details of what’s around them…

Love comes in many different forms. Love for others, love for animals, love for the elderly, love for the less fortunate and so on and on… For example some people may not understand how people could love cats or love caring for strangers… We are all the same, love is an emotion that comes from a place deep within our hearts and sometimes is unexpected…

Two people fall in love… Two people know they are in love but can’t show their love outwardly because of what the world may think… Ruled by a judgmental and separated society…
Those who have a need to be right and therefore separate instead of connect with others. Acceptance is a key for spreading love…

I am personally at a place in life where life lessons are priceless. The passing of my mother, and the realization of what truly is important only came after being “in the middle” of the whole situation…

My sister married her wife this past weekend… Again, I was in the middle of witnessing a beautiful celebration, which many may not understand and judge… Life has it’s moments and it’s up to each of us to embrace the incredible people around us… So next time you are in a situation that may be a new experience for you look around, really look around and see it from a different perspective… From in the middle….

Love Awe and Wonder….


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Just One More Time…

My mothers passing has been a life changing experience for me… A “game changer” sort of speak! The game of life has been taken for granted daily. Nothing I could have helped without the understanding of death. I find myself wanting to hug my mom “just one more time”, as I wake out of a sound sleep in tears… It’s been a huge reality check of life’s priority and the importance of family, love and acceptance of others. Those little things that used to set me off or would consume me no longer do… Almost as if there’s a more important daily message to share with others with little said… I watched as a lovely woman became very impatient sitting next to me as we were boarding our plane… There were no connections to catch, it was our final destination. But the situation became obvious that another young woman needed extra help being seated, due to some kind of accident which made her very physically challenged… As I watch the first woman sigh and become visually impatient I leaned over to her and quietly asked “do you have a connecting flight?” I already knew her answer was no… We made eye contact and she began to thank me for allowing her to be aware of how selfish and impatient she had become… We smiled and laughed and I said “we all have a story to tell.” My story was the peace I have after my mothers passing and the happiness I felt heading to see my sister marry her partner…. Her story, a Breast cancer survivor! A moment in time both our life’s were touched by simply being aware of others around us. I am finally beginning to realize how precious life truly is. “Just one more time” isn’t possible for my mother and I, but it is possible for those around me today!

Hug someone you love today… Truly be present and hug them!

Living life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder…

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The Simplicity of Brilliance!


I saw this post on FB this morning and all I thought was … “The simplicity of brilliance!” I began to wonder about the simplicity of brilliance and how we all have the power to create a piece of brilliance. When nothing goes right, go left”… This makes me smile, along with being in a place of awe of others…

The mind… it’s ability to create and the simplicity of its brilliance is truly a wonder…

There’s a lot of noise in the world today… Take the time to be still and connect to your brilliance and simply listen from within…
And remember “when nothing goes right, go left!”

In love, awe and wonder ❤