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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Teachers All Around…

Wondering when and if… Knowing Gods perfect timing and the energy of the universe is always at work… I couldn’t help but be in awe when this picture and comment popped up on FB this morning. A reminder of my love and passion of a posting 2 years ago today.

That same room today is a bedroom for my 90 year old dad… A unexpected situation, part of my story to be told as my lessons unfold! A teacher…. Who continues to teach me quietly.

A posting from a very special friend…
“Just like “Frosty” sings, “Put one foot in front of the other…soon you’ll be walking out that door” — as a published author! Another analogy I use (yes, I really quote Frost to my clients, friends, anyone who’ll listen — Hey, the best stuff can come from a cartoon — like Dory (you!), who says, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming”) is a skiing reference: “Don’t look too far down the hill”…but don’t stare at your skiis, either. You got all those? They’re what I tell myself, as I embark on this journey beside you, m’sister. Keeps the need for breathing into a brown paper bag at bay. :D”

Her downhill analogy caught my attention this morning and there I was Sunday skiing for the first time in 37 years… And my ski instructor said to me “don’t stare at your skies”… Reading her comment this morning from 2 years ago made me realize the forces of nature and all her energy has my back… God puts teachers in my life. Those who I am highly aware of and others I never saw as teachers until now!


An aha moment of unconditional Love knowing those who bring on the most stress in your life are the same ones who teach you the most profound lessons!

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A Big World Out There…

The world
Its realm
Creating a path
Open arms to be joined
Strangers connecting
Personal growth happening…
Or is it?
Do you already know?
Are you willing to grow,
Be all you are called to be?
There’s a realm of the unknown…
A spiritual realm filled with energy
Waiting to be tapped.
Stillness, opens the heart and soul.
The quietness of any given moment…
If listened to, can change your energy.
How will you float today?
There’s a big world out there
What do you hear?
What will you add?
How will you be changed?



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The Teacher Inside…

Life is our classroom… The student is both you and I. The teacher? Well, sometimes it takes awhile to recognize exactly who the teacher is.
I woke up this morning wondering… Am I the student in life or am I my own teacher? The advanced learner, those lead by wisdom teach themselves as they stumble through life as the student… Life lessons taught to oneself by being completely transparent and open to the reality of knowing they don’t know and needing to learn by being the student…
We all have the teacher inside. Some have more of a hunger to teach themselves once the student questions a life decision. The student teaches the teacher how to teach, all while the teacher was just waiting to be taught! You and I are both the student and the teacher… Remember life lessons you teach yourself, learn from them and never stop being the student!

The love, awe and wonder of it all!


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The past several months have flown by… Filled to the brim with life circumstances, I couldn’t help but be in a state of wonder…so many emotions, so much life flying by. Bombarded came to mind this morning as I wondered why the lack of creativity for my writing… And then… I saw this post!

The hearts of course caught my attention, but the words “write a good one” made me wonder… Will I ever complete that dream? That book that I was so passionate about, I wonder how life got in the way, or did it? Which has me wondering, Life is the way…
Today being the “last blank page” of the past 365 days and tomorrow being the first blank page of 2015 I wonder how the next book will read… Each chapter connects to the next, some have me on edge, while others have me in wonder about life. Sometimes we are “bombarded” with life circumstances out of our control… The constant is… We All have life circumstances, We All have life choices to overcome, We All choose our own destiny…
So, this last blank page from the past 365 days, how will it be written? What will tomorrow’s blank page have on it? Will you make any changes to your non fiction novel?
Even if you feel bombarded by life and its circumstances, how will you fill your blank pages?

Happy New Year
Happy writing
Happy reading
Happy life….
What will be seen in 2015?


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Too Early… Too Fast!

There’s something very disappointing when Christmas is a week away and there is nothing left “Christmasy” in the stores…
Everyone complains Christmas comes to early! I wonder why Christmas disappears so fast… I’ve noticed about two weeks before Christmas, stores start to remove Christmas displays…

This all has me wondering… What is more upsetting? For me, I say.. “Bring it on” it can never come to soon… Especially the Joy and giving of the season! But when the tinsel and lights are gone so fast, there is something very empty about the “nothing” that is left…
So I say… Enjoy the whole season, as soon as the decorations go up… It seems they come down just as fast!

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas before the last light is sold, all the trees are taken down and the Christmas cookies are now in the shape of a heart for Valentine’s Day!



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Big World… Big Wonders

I woke up wondering about death this morning… It’s purpose, meaning and grasp of understanding what it’s all about. Losing a parent brings you to a place of wondering…

As memories flash through my mind and the reality of forever gone comes into play I can’t help but wonder… There’s a void in my mind, a black hole… Empty with no concept of even beginning to process the death of my mother. Reality says… She’s gone, thankfully died peacefully in her sleep. I look at a picture, read an old Christmas card, and I can’t help but wonder how to process life and death.

Daily I move forward at full speed ahead caring for my dad, knowing it will just be a matter of time to process the inevitable…
Embracing every moment with him, thanking God for this time and yet I still wonder…

Life, its meaning, its purpose… Death, its meaning and even its purpose…
We all will experience losses over a lifetime… And then there is the final loss, our own!

I wonder about the sadness in life. Those who are filled with hate, anger, jealousy and rage…
We all certainly feel those emotions on occasion, but for those who live filled with darkness I am saddened for their life. The precious gift we all have been given, the gift of life… We choose how to spend those few precious years here on earth during this lifetime. Somedays are filled with peace and those days when I feel the darkness, I try to step back, breathe and realize the gift that surrounds me… My life!

I have been blessed with incredible Christmas memories left behind by a mother who loved her children… I smile as I write with tears in my eyes knowing there won’t be a traditional “in front of the Christmas tree kiss” this year for my parents… My dad stays stoic with his emotions as the reality of my mothers passing sets in for all of us.

There’s a big world which makes me have big wonders…. Life, death and their purpose…

As the Christmas season is upon us, I am reminded once again of Gods gift, the life and death of his son Jesus. The birth, the life and the death celebrated by believers in the Christian faith…
The ultimate wonderment!

Living life filled with love, awe and wonder….


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Takers and Givers

Years ago my 8 year old daughter said to me… “Mommy, there are givers and takers in this world and you are a ….” no wait… she said there are ” talkers and doers” and mommy you are a doer! Well, non the less, the point was profound coming from an 8 year old!

I saw this picture this morning posted on Facebook “TAKE” what you need. I thought great idea, but then I wondered about Giving what you already have… So those people who are givers and not just takers need to share what they possess. If we all just take, who will be left to give?

So this holiday season give some love, hope, peace, beauty… GIVE of yourself, it’s the most precious gift you will ever give….(you’ll never have to stand in a long return line!)

Happy Holidays filled with Love, awe and wonder….


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I Sit…

I sit quietly in the still of the early morning hours…
About wondering…
Moments pass through my mind
Questioning decisions from the past,
Wondering about each perfect life lesson learned along the way…
So many stories
So many blessings
So much growth from pain…
Remembering being in the midst of it all.
Each time, wondering when it would end,
How I would survive…
I sit
Listening to the stillness of the morning
Counting my blessing
Wondering what I will learn next
Lessons, all from life experiences
Growth, should I choose…
All from life’s awareness…
Wondering as I sit
Knowing the blessings that surround me are from the heavens above…
God is just
God is merciful
God is us…
Wondering in the still of the early morning
Choices we choose…
Wondering why?
The world isn’t just filled with peace, love and joy…
In the stillness of the morning I sit wondering…
Filled with peace
Aware of hate
Embracing love
Releasing anger
Feeling joy…



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Oh Christmas Tree…

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this post on Facebook. Of course I felt bad for my friend for a brief moment, but then I just had to smile again!

I wonder often about this holiday season, it’s real meaning and how it’s gotten so out of control. I can’t even point a finger, I’m totally part of the madness! Not so much shopping and more shopping (although being a first time grandma I couldn’t help myself) but the whole crazy package of what we do to “celebrate” the season… All to often the “real” meaning of the season comes in last! Santa seems to be first for most, and again I have to admit I’ve been caught up in all the tinsel and lights!

I wonder about my own childhood, the baby Jesus, church and all our traditions… As I’ve aged I wonder more and more about the Christmas season. It’s certainly not like I remember as a child and now there are little grandchildren to create memories for…

So as the new traditions are created, perhaps for dessert on Christmas a birthday cake for the baby Jesus this year… In Addition, for me there is something so magical about Santa and Rudolf with his nose so bright… My own childhood comes alive!

But let’s remember what’s truly important…

Teaching children how to give and not just receive should be a priority… A great lesson to tie Santa and Gods gift of his son the baby Jesus during this Christmas Season.
Give love
Give love
Give love
However that looks for you…. Give love!
And please remember to tie down your Christmas tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

Thanks for the smile Lisa!

Living this Christmas season filled with love, awe and wonder…