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Takers and Givers

Years ago my 8 year old daughter said to me… “Mommy, there are givers and takers in this world and you are a ….” no wait… she said there are ” talkers and doers” and mommy you are a doer! Well, non the less, the point was profound coming from an 8 year old!

I saw this picture this morning posted on Facebook “TAKE” what you need. I thought great idea, but then I wondered about Giving what you already have… So those people who are givers and not just takers need to share what they possess. If we all just take, who will be left to give?

So this holiday season give some love, hope, peace, beauty… GIVE of yourself, it’s the most precious gift you will ever give….(you’ll never have to stand in a long return line!)

Happy Holidays filled with Love, awe and wonder….


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A wonderful friend near to my heart recently shared this quote with me..

“In truth, our aliveness depends on our ability to sustain wonder.”
M. Nepo

It made me really think..,
How I’ve never strived to feel aliveness but always searched for Happieness or Joy. Feeling the Aliveness within made me stop and ask myself
“What exacly makes me feel that feeling of Aliveness”? Since by nature I am a wonderer, I was extremly drawn to finish this statement:
“In truth, our aliveness depends on”…
I love what the author wrote “our ability to sustain wonder.”
Our ability To sustain Wonder!
I just love that…

So after wondering myself…
What my own personal aliveness depends on, this is what came to my heart:
“My aliveness depends on …deep meaningful connections, which allows me to wonder about life, be in awe of others, and love the world that surrounds me” ….Amy

I’ve always known how I came alive around people but never realized my “Connections with others truly made me feel an Aliveness which is my happiness and joy….
Oh, the simplicity of Wonder….

So let me ask…
What does your Aliveness depend on?

Written 11.17.11 a.weider
Repost 12.3.2014



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Too Much on Your Plate?

I’ve been told for several years now that have too much on my “plate”… Or that I have too many plates spinning… And without a doubt… I do!!!

After rushing back home after a funeral only to rush back out to a women’s Christmas gathering, (after feeding the family of course)…
This is what happened…


My appetizer landed on the floor! I won’t pretend no F bombs went off… Because they did! And my blood pressure from the stress of my current situation went through the roof! But I was able to Walk Away… And an angel cleaned up my mess for me…

I couldn’t help but wonder about the metaphor of the situation at hand… A plate overloaded comes “Crashing Down”… Leaving a mess for others to cleanup. I was fortunate enough to have “Santa’s Helper” around to help me clean up my mess. But with most situations we get ourselves into, we are left to clean up our own messes alone!

Life and all we are expected to handle gets way out of control on many occasions. I believe in todays world and its fast pace technology everything is just getting more and more out of control!
We are moving at a faster speed than over before and yet we still can’t keep up!

With all our modern convinces we are suppose to have more time on our hands right? I believe we have a lot less time to enjoy what’s really important… And sometimes that’s as simple as just being present to the moment and breathing in and out!

As the crockpot filled with freshly cook sausage and homemade (ok jarred) sauce went flying out of my hands (in slow motion I might add) I couldn’t help but be present to my ahh moment of… Enough is enough!!!

I made my party, enjoyed the women present, and even had a hearty laugh sharing the picture of my appetizer that never made it…. Most importantly… I learned a few very important lessons…
It’s time to stop and be still…
It’s time to remove things off my plate…
It’s time to set my priorities…
It’s time breathe and be present to this beautiful holiday season… And continue to give thanks!


I am thankful I have a home, money to buy food, electricity to cook an appetizer, loved ones to help clean up and people I can call my friends…
What a blessing!

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A Blossom

The beauty of a blossom
Blooms in its own time
Creates wonder,
Shines love for all to admire
Gives hope to those in awe…
A blossom,
So magnificent…
You never see it blooming
And there it is…
The life of a blossom
A Wonderment to enjoy…
Don’t miss its beauty
Don’t miss its joy.
There are blossoms all around…
The beauty of a blossom…

Who is a blossom in your life today ?



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People come
People go
Family will always be…
Some may agree,
Others disagree,
Family love is unconditional acceptance…
Time moves forward,
Childhood Memories are held onto.
Siblings love,
Siblings anger
Family love should always be!
Someday you will say goodbye one last time…
Today, love and embrace all your hellos…
People come
People go
Family will always be!



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A Life

A Life

A life has touched many.
Many have touched her life.
Words of love are spoken, as Words of pain remain silent.
Strength is her gift,
wrapped inside is Grace.
Kindness, giving, and thoughtfulness are just a few words
to describe her.
Her gift, her strength…
She continues to fight for others and now herself…
Her spirit shines bright over the ones she touches.
Never about her…
Always thinking of others.
A Life
A gift
A woman
A Blessing to all who surround her…
11.14.13 aweider


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Imagine Oneness

Acceptance of oneness
All we should be
As a unified society

Imagine what oneness
Could look like
If we would all just see
The other person
Is no different than you and me

Embracing oneness
starts with the you in the me
What a world this would be!

Love, joy, peace all around
Our spirits to high
to touch the ground
A world with less usless noice
And a richer viberant sound

We could all hear what was finally being said
We would listen to each other
instead of a deafness that comes
With a close minded head.

Arms of oneness
Could we ever see?
Accepting, embracing others
For who they would be…

The freedom of oneness
so it could be
Imagine wrapping your Arms
around oneness and see
How living in a world
Filled with people
like you and like me…

Freedom to be
Freedom to see
Love all around
Embraced in the arms of Oneness
To live once and for all
And be set free…

7.12 copyright
11.14 repost

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Love Glasses On?

Somedays I need more inspiration than others… Today as I pondered for inspiration I came across this picture on FB with the caption…
“I can’t see haters I have my love glasses on”. I needed to look no further!

As I began to wonder about those who hate and those who naturally love, I couldn’t help but wonder why the difference… Nurture vs Nature?

A world filled with love, everyone wearing their love glasses 24/7, could you even imagine?

As I have aged, I have no use for haters in my life any longer. Those who claim to love yet judge… That judging causes haters… And if my knowledge of scripture serves me correctly…Jesus says clearly “let those who are without sin cast the first stone”. (Paraphrase John 8:7)

Let us not throw stones, let us not judge, let us not hate each other…

Love one another, forgive others, and accept each others differences!

Let’s all try to wear our love glasses daily and see how we can change the world!

Living life filled with love, awe and wonder!


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Talk to the Elderly

It just might surprise you what they have to say! One of my biggest pet peeves is people Ignore the Elderly!!!!
People… they are people too! They were you before you were you! They experienced all the same things you are going through… The difference? They’ve been there, and done that already!

I’m not sure why society discards our senior citizens… But it really pisses me off when a conversation is being had and my father isn’t part of it. As if he doesn’t understand, or has no opinion.

Being a caregiver for the past 20 plus years to elderly relatives, I’ve continued to notice the disrespect of seniors… It just bugs me to know end!
They are us and we will be them some day…

Next time you have a chance to talk to an elderly person, Please, Please, Please Talk with them, make eye contact and even go as far as touching them. Hold a hand, rub a shoulder they are starving for touch!

I was a Girl Scout for many years. And although I wasn’t a fan of camping in the woods, I did enjoy singing Christmas Carole’s at nursing homes…
We were taught to
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” Someday you too may be old and considered “elderly, a senior citizen” my question to you is…
How would you like to be treated?
Ignored or included?
Talked to or talked around?
Involved or looked over?
Left Alone or around others?
I know how I want to be treated at any age and that’s how we ALL need to treat and respect a very special generation called Senior Citizens…

The change starts with all of us… Please make an effort to love the wisest of the wise… What they have to say just might surprise you!

In love, awe and wonder…


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Becoming Who You Already Are!

“Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.”
-Steven Pressfield

This quote was sent to me from 3,000 miles away with one hit of a button!
Technology, sometimes you have to just love it! And then there are those times… Well, that’s another blog!

“…but to find out who we already are and become it.”

That continues to resonate in my mind … “find out who we already are And become it! ”

For many of us baby boomers we grow up watching our moms be wife’s and mothers that was their career… As life began to evolve, as we knew it, women’s careers changed drastically.
Some of us were caught in the middle of a new revolution of women working outside the home… While others continued their care taking roles. Meanwhile, there became a “wonder” of a women’s purpose in life…

I’m always amazed when I talk to women and there is a common thread of not feeling that inner peace and knowing their purpose in life. Or even “having” that career that is fulfilling…

This quote
“Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be,…”

We imagine we ought to be…. is because of the world around us. No thanks to the fast pace of technology…

But to…
Find out who we already are and become it.”

Who we already are… What an aha moment! And simply become it!

Love, love, love when I’m in Awe and am allowed to just simply Wonder….

Continuing to live life filled with Love,Awe and Wonder…