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My Baby’s having a Baby

The surreal emotions of my baby having a baby makes me speechless… For some reason my mind is having a difficult time processing that fact…

It’s pretty obvious my beautiful daughter will be giving birth in a month, but the comprehension of being a grandmother isn’t as easy to accept.

There is JOY, excitement, and anticipation of this new chapter that is about to be opened… My mind is stuck
in a time warp, trying to process where the years went and especially where did my baby go? When did she become a woman? A smart beautiful one at that!!!

I anticipate that call when she is in labor and her delivery (they are allowing me to be there to witness my first grandchild’s birth) just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes…

So, as I continue to process the momentum of life and its cycles,
I am in love with my daughter, in awe of the beautiful woman she has become and in wonder of the amount of endless love I will have for my baby’s baby!!!