Love Awe Wonder…

Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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A Different Kind of Beautiful…

I heard the words “a different kind of beautiful” last night and for some reason those five words put me in a state of wonder…I couldn’t help but wonder about the beauty that surrounds us and the different perception others see. 

“They say” beauty is in the eye of the beholder…  So true…  Although, beautiful is something we see with our eyes and is recieved by our consciousness, True Beauty lives in our hearts and is embraced by our souls no matter how beautiful someone may think something  is or isn’t…

“A different kind of beautiful”…

Living life filled with Love, awe and wonder ❤️

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What Do You Walk In?


I got thinking about my mom this morning and all the roles she played in her lifetime. From mother to School Nurse… And then I wondered about the shoes she wore and thought of my own…

I have a closet filled with too many shoes, some I rarely wear, if ever! Everything from several pairs of sneakers to very fancy high healed “dress up” shoes… And of course everything in between! Each pair of shoes represents my mood, and what my feeling for the day may be… I used to love wearing shoes with heels, but as I’ve aged I find flats more comfortable and more casual…

My mom has a closet filled with shoes but over the past few years she only wore one pair. It was a special pair for seniors, shoes that were comfortable and allowed her to be sturdy on her feet.

I continue to wonder about life, all we have and it’s meaning. I wonder about life’s fleeting moments of importance and our egos. As I wonder about the point of it all…. My 40 plus pairs of shoes in my closet (styles that seem to be a must have just incase) makes me wonder about the day I’m left with that one pair of shoes…

When I was a child we were fitted for one pair of shoes. They were white leather with a sturdy sole (like my moms) from Alters, famous for children’s first shoes. Today children have countless pairs of shoes… I guess nothing stays the same…

My point this morning is… well honestly I am not really sure… Except I guess, what I started off wearing as a little girl, my mom ended up wearing at the end of her life.
One comfortable sturdy pair of shoes!

All those shoes in between were just to get her to those final pair!

It all makes me Wonder…


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What Do You See?

Seeing what is around us is so individual… Is your cup half empty? Or is your cup half full? Do you see love and connection? Or do you have critical opinions? Do you have a need to be right? If so, who’s to say someone else is wrong? I couldn’t help but wonder this morning after seeing this picture which was posted on Facebook. Why do some see wishes and others see weeds? Why such a separation with humanity? Why so many personal opinions and such a strong desire to be right?

I can help but continue to want to spread love and acceptance…. There’s such a crazy, hate filled world we live in today and I can’t help but wonder why? My mind doesn’t grasp any good reason for judgement and separation anymore… I’ve lived my life thinking and even knowing without a doubt I WAS RIGHT! But the truth is I wasn’t!!!!

Today… living, loving, accepting others is one small step to the connection of humanity… Spreading a smile, a hug, passing a favor forward and sharing love, are all pieces to a giant puzzle of a world gone right!

WE are the answer… Each one of us has the responsibility of love and acceptance to our fellow human. It starts with you and me. No matter your “beliefs” we are ALL called to love one another…

So today I make a wish…
May you see love in everything and everyone that you come in contact with… Hold a hand, touch a shoulder, shed a tear, show someone how much you care….

Living life filled with love, awe and wonder…


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In The Middle…

When you are “in the middle” of something you get a 360 degree prospective… And unless you are “in the middle” you may not understand or have empathy. Life has many different experiences, so many that we may never experience them all… And therefore may not have a true understanding of some life situations… I believe that’s where judgement comes in for some. Thinking they know what they believe from afar but not having been “in the middle” to truly see the details of what’s around them…

Love comes in many different forms. Love for others, love for animals, love for the elderly, love for the less fortunate and so on and on… For example some people may not understand how people could love cats or love caring for strangers… We are all the same, love is an emotion that comes from a place deep within our hearts and sometimes is unexpected…

Two people fall in love… Two people know they are in love but can’t show their love outwardly because of what the world may think… Ruled by a judgmental and separated society…
Those who have a need to be right and therefore separate instead of connect with others. Acceptance is a key for spreading love…

I am personally at a place in life where life lessons are priceless. The passing of my mother, and the realization of what truly is important only came after being “in the middle” of the whole situation…

My sister married her wife this past weekend… Again, I was in the middle of witnessing a beautiful celebration, which many may not understand and judge… Life has it’s moments and it’s up to each of us to embrace the incredible people around us… So next time you are in a situation that may be a new experience for you look around, really look around and see it from a different perspective… From in the middle….

Love Awe and Wonder….


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Facebook Friends (FBF)

There’s a virtual world of connection…

I find the whole concept of Facebook friends (FBF) very intriguing. I recently ran into several FBF’s in the past month and I really enjoyed meeting them face to face. There’s a wide range of FBF connections…. Some are your BFF’s while others are pretty much strangers. It’s those “strangers” that if it weren’t for FB you would have never connected.

Connection with others is a god given desire for most people. So FB in a strange way allows us to connect with more people than “physically” possible. The FB connections are kept on a very informal level in some ways… Then again, sharing personal pictures and thoughts keeps FBF in a very unusual place of feeling connected to people you really don’t know!

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday and smiled every time a birthday wish came through my FB page… Thank you FBF for taking time out of your day to wish me a Happy Birthday!

For all my FBF I still need to truly connect with, I look forward to “running” into you someday out in the real world… And please, please, please if you recognize me as your FBF please say Hello… It makes my day!

Thanks Lisa and Cheryl for saying hello when I least expected it…. Your warm smiles and sweet hugs were a blessing to me!

Connect with others today, it’s amazing how a smile or a “comment”
can touch a life!

Living life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder…


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Think No One is Thinking of You?

Sometimes when I Wonder, I wonder if I’ve touched enough life’s, if any?
What makes my heart smile is when I get a message that someone thought off me because they saw a heart in something…. Love, Awe and Wonder came from a very intuitive man who touched my life in an amazing way… Seeing hearts in everything in life was learned from an amazing woman who shared her passion with me… There are Incredible people all around us daily… And sometimes we are to busy or to closed mined to notice… Breathing slowly and being still can bring life alive when you lest expect it!
An onion sliced miles away, a heart revealed, a quick thought of that woman who sees hearts all around and a posting to say “I thought of you”
Think no one is thinking of you? Someone, somewhere today is!
In love, Awe and Wonder of the unknown…


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Blue vs Gray

Why such a HUGE difference between the colors blue and gray?

I find myself at the end of one of my fastest vacations having done a minimal of anything…. And yet, this has been one of my best vacations ever! Thanks Corrine and Jimmy!

Riding a bike everyday for three plus hours and just being present to simple moments… Nothing over the top, no big lights or daredevil acts this vacation… I have seen a lot of blue…
The sky is blue vs gray at home! Why such a difference in mood, motivation, and a feeling of contentment? Is it possible to be perfectly content with those same gray sky’s above? It just makes me wonder…

Energy makes a difference too… People’s energy… Spending time with content people rejuvenates the soul!

And then there is self… And how you allow yourSelf to be present to your environment. Blue vs gray? Makes me wonder if it is possible to live in a blue world when there is gray all around?

Heading home tomorrow, I’ll let you know!

In Wonder of….


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People Watching

I have two layovers heading south this trip, I know, what was I thinking?.. don’t ask…. I find myself sitting in one of many rocking chairs people watching and more relaxed then I’ve been in months… Making the most out of three hours of what could have been “wasted” time, I’m finding very rejuvenating!

After an encouraging conversation with my publisher, I find myself in a place that has only a one way street… And that road leads to following my dream…

People inspire me… Wondering captivates me… And life… Well, let’s just say… Teaches me daily!

Let the filling of my tanks begin!

In love, awe and wonder


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Written words are my art form… When I am silent, there is a stillness in my creativity. I write less, and my mind moves at a slower pace.

At this moment, life around me, friends, loved ones and the season that I am experiencing has been an awakening in my silence…

A time to be looked at many ways… Blessings and yet sadness, Joy filled and yet mourning, connecting and yet feeling separated, close and yet distance between us….

Wanting to understand how Life got here, Knowing my choices along with life’s circumstance equals now…
I see
I feel
I yearn
I want
I hope
I love
I share
I give
I take
I am
I wonder…
Will it all matter in the end?
And just Be…
I may feel silent, but I never stop wondering…

In awe of love, in wonder of the lack of love from the world around us…
Copyright 3.1.14 aweider


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Stationery Paper People

And there you have it a vs e…
Stationary vs stationery

Stationery Paper is like people…

There are wonderful websites filled with endless choices of stationery paper. Although, I’m not sure why it is called “stationery” “stationary” paper when it never stays still… It probably is mailed to someone somewhere!

I was wondering this morning about something a friend shared with me recently about bullying. Her story made me think of stationery paper!

There are unlimited types of choices when it comes to paper. Different size, color, texture and designs to choose from, like people we have a choice who we choose to pick as friends.
We even have that same choice about family, deciding what kind of relationship works best for us!

When someone bullies you, says unkind things about your character or attracts who you are as a human being it’s like taking that flat sheet of paper and crumpeling it up into a ball! Have you ever tried flattening out a crumpled piece of paper? It’s Never the same!

Niceness goes a long way… And if you have thoughts and opinions about someone that are not flattering, it’s not your job to tell them. Frankly it’s none of their business what you think of them….

Keep your “stationery” feeling loved, filled with kind thoughts, even an XO XO makes someone feel loved!

Simple life lessons in ordinary places…

Love, awe and wonder…