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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Yesterday’s Nursery Rhymes

If London bridges is always falling down and three blind mice are running with a carving knife and there is a big bad wolf huffing and puffing about to blow your house down, Meanwhile Hansel and Gretel are lost in the woods and if your not a duck,duck,duck then you are goosed…and what’s up with Humpty Dumpty his name alone is calling him fat which isn’t politically correct and he has a great fall, not to mention he is broken and can’t be put back together again!!! Even Georgie Porgie made the girls cry!
I could go on and on… But you get the negative picture…

Well, all these nursery rhymes got me wondering this morning…
What in the world were we taught as children? No wonder the majority of my generation are on anti-depressants, see therapists and keep looking for some purpose in their life …

It’s time to change all that…
Being a new grandmother keeps me wondering… Maybe teaching children how to live life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder would give them a sense of creating a positive acceptance of others and themselves!

So how’s this for a new little nursery rhyme…

A little boy dressed in blue
Saw a sweet girl named Sue.

As she played looking around she heard laughter and all different sounds…

She wondered about the little boy in blue and want up to him and asked if he wanted to play too,  she said “my name is Sue…”
They became friends that day
running around, enjoying their stay.

They played and played and they knew,

A feeling of love from making a new friend can do….

The moral…
Reach out  and smile at someone new, you may make a new friend too!

Copyright  A Weider

written 2015 posted 12/17

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A Different Kind of Beautiful…

I heard the words “a different kind of beautiful” last night and for some reason those five words put me in a state of wonder…I couldn’t help but wonder about the beauty that surrounds us and the different perception others see. 

“They say” beauty is in the eye of the beholder…  So true…  Although, beautiful is something we see with our eyes and is recieved by our consciousness, True Beauty lives in our hearts and is embraced by our souls no matter how beautiful someone may think something  is or isn’t…

“A different kind of beautiful”…

Living life filled with Love, awe and wonder ❤️

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The Teacher Inside…

Life is our classroom… The student is both you and I. The teacher? Well, sometimes it takes awhile to recognize exactly who the teacher is.
I woke up this morning wondering… Am I the student in life or am I my own teacher? The advanced learner, those lead by wisdom teach themselves as they stumble through life as the student… Life lessons taught to oneself by being completely transparent and open to the reality of knowing they don’t know and needing to learn by being the student…
We all have the teacher inside. Some have more of a hunger to teach themselves once the student questions a life decision. The student teaches the teacher how to teach, all while the teacher was just waiting to be taught! You and I are both the student and the teacher… Remember life lessons you teach yourself, learn from them and never stop being the student!

The love, awe and wonder of it all!


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A Blossom

The beauty of a blossom
Blooms in its own time
Creates wonder,
Shines love for all to admire
Gives hope to those in awe…
A blossom,
So magnificent…
You never see it blooming
And there it is…
The life of a blossom
A Wonderment to enjoy…
Don’t miss its beauty
Don’t miss its joy.
There are blossoms all around…
The beauty of a blossom…

Who is a blossom in your life today ?



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As I was driving to the gym the other day I saw a sticker on the back of a women’s car…. “Triathlete” I thought “I’m a try-athlete, after all I’m heading to the gym!” As I walked through the door, my lady triathlete passed me by and I couldn’t help but wonder what motivates someone to be a triathlete.
As I was setting my bike for cycling class, I looked up and there she was… My triathlete teacher! Well, I kept up with her during class (at least it felt like I did) so there you have it, I too consider myself a Try-athlete!


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Imagine Oneness

Acceptance of oneness
All we should be
As a unified society

Imagine what oneness
Could look like
If we would all just see
The other person
Is no different than you and me

Embracing oneness
starts with the you in the me
What a world this would be!

Love, joy, peace all around
Our spirits to high
to touch the ground
A world with less usless noice
And a richer viberant sound

We could all hear what was finally being said
We would listen to each other
instead of a deafness that comes
With a close minded head.

Arms of oneness
Could we ever see?
Accepting, embracing others
For who they would be…

The freedom of oneness
so it could be
Imagine wrapping your Arms
around oneness and see
How living in a world
Filled with people
like you and like me…

Freedom to be
Freedom to see
Love all around
Embraced in the arms of Oneness
To live once and for all
And be set free…

7.12 copyright
11.14 repost

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Wasted Time!

So if the internet is suppose to be saving us time, then why do I Waste So Much DAM time on it? Between trying to sign in, remembering what you thought was your password, not being able to sign in to a site, only to have to start over and over and over again! Well, you get the picture!!! I’m beginning to think enough is enough already! And while I am at it, how much is “enough” anyway?
Ty for listening
ASO! ( and so on… incase you were trying to break my code!)

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For Granted

I woke up breathing
And took it for granted…
The sun was shinning…
And I took that for granted too…
The warmth of my bed
The blessing of my home
The gift of being me
I’ve taken for granted…
I’m thankful,
But not always joy filled.
Every moment of every day
I pray, a wave of being present to joy
fills me…
An understanding of never taking anything for granted…
Embracing this life, its gifts and blessings…
Sharing them with others.
Allowing moments of authenticity
to flow…
Living in love,
Embracing the love within,
and knowing I am love…
Reminds me to…
Keep “for granted” at bay…
Drowning what was
Granting what is…

Copyright 5.6.14

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Got MoJoy?

I got wondering about where the Joy in my life has been over the last number of months. I haven’t felt that inner joy in quite awhile. Stress is a huge culprit! I feel joy here and there but living joy filled daily is what I am seeking. Living love, awe and wonder daily is my dream, filled with joy of course!

As I wondered about my Joy, I thought I’ve lost my mojoy! Looking up the meaning of mojo and finding this…

“Mojo means “finding the magic in what we do”. To have “lost your mojo”, refers to a loss of inspiration or creative genius; a loss of that special spark. The word has been around for almost 100 years, one source cites its use to as early as 1926.

Mojoy to me means, “finding the magic in who we are!” Not in what we do like mojo, but in just being present to who we are…

So I’m in awe and wonder about getting my mojoy back or maybe truly finding it for the first time in my life!

Got Mojoy?
Find the magic in who you are…


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In the Stillness

There is a stillness of the unknown,
in the darkness of the night.
Wondering about tomorrow,
knowing the moment is void.
The darkness
keeps the mind wondering,
as it tries to shut down.
Who will win?
The stillness drifts on…
The darkness fades away.
The peacefulness of slumber steps in…
For a fleeting moment all is forgotten.
And then…
The break of dawn.
A reminder of the wonder in the darkness…
The stillness of the unknown…

4.3.14 3:13am