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Fabulous Funny Fathers


I am blessed to have a wonderful loving dad, with Fathers Day on Sunday I am reminded of my blessings.

To all of you who hold the memories of your father close to your heart I smile and cry with you, knowing how much you must miss your dads.

My dad being 88 seems to make me laugh more often. Like his ” 30 miles to nowhere” comment and him joining the “do nothing club”, his humor just makes me smile…

I took my parents down to the beach concert the other day, we were ready to leave and my mother was in the back seat needing help with her seatbelt, as my dad got out of the car to help her, she was able to buckle it, I tried calling and stopping him but he walked around the car and opened her door… When my mom said ” Bill, what are you doing?” he smiled at her and said ” I thought I’d stop by for a visit!” I just laughed…
I’m not sure who has dementia anymore, I think I’m in the running now! Lol

Life’s grand, enjoy, embrace, LIVE and LOVE!!!

In awe