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Freedom To Be…. Write About It!


I was shocked as I went to google the word freedom and it’s meaning… Expecting a short meaning I was surprised to see all the explanations of freedom …

Everything from personal freedom to
False freedom… I had No clue …

But what I would like to share today is about my own personal Freedom …

“Freedom to give myself permission to be me”
Freedom to express
Freedom to live
Freedom to love
Freedom to explore…

All a sense of growth and healing as each day turns a new page in my life book …. No one knows how many pages or chapters we have left…
But I do know we each have been given a life story to tell, our own book to write, life lessons to share on our pages in own book….

My title:
“A Creator of Love Awe and Wonder”
( given to me by a blessing that crossed my path )

Whats the name of your life book?
What chapter are you living?
How will your story be remembered?

In Awe of creating Wonder!