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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Enough is Enough! 

I’ve sat back and watched as our country has accepted bullies as role models…  from Comiedians to politicians. It seems to be ok to be a bully these days… which makes me sick. 

We are forced to decided between two presidential canidites, neither of whom can be trusted, and they are our only options… How is that possible? Ones worse than the other… neither will be great! And as a country divided, we have become a joke to the rest of the world… 

It’s not ok to segregate, and yet we have a movement doing just that! The TRUTH is “All lives Matter…” not just one race, because we are all of One race,  The Human Race… when will the insanity stop? 

I’m beginning to bury my head in the sand. I’m so disappointed in mankind right now. Whatever did happen to the “kind” in mankind?  We are at a fork in the road once again. It’s going to take a lot of individual effort to keep the “kind” in mankind… it’s up to each of us as part of the human race to show love, acceptance and Kindness to each other… and it can be done…. Each one of us needs to stop the gossip, judgement, criticizing, belittling spirit that is in our human nature and focus on love and acceptance…

As I read the “tweets” (and I don’t go out of my way to read them, they are all over the social media) I’m reminded of this bullish world we live in and I personally have had enough! I choose Love and acceptance… 

What do you choose?  And when will you have had Enough? 

Enough is Enough! 

Living  life in  love, awe and wonder ❤️

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A Different Kind of Beautiful…

I heard the words “a different kind of beautiful” last night and for some reason those five words put me in a state of wonder…I couldn’t help but wonder about the beauty that surrounds us and the different perception others see. 

“They say” beauty is in the eye of the beholder…  So true…  Although, beautiful is something we see with our eyes and is recieved by our consciousness, True Beauty lives in our hearts and is embraced by our souls no matter how beautiful someone may think something  is or isn’t…

“A different kind of beautiful”…

Living life filled with Love, awe and wonder ❤️

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How Much is Enough?

How much is enough? A question my dad would ask… He would laugh and say           “how much is enough anyway?” I remember it well, wondering the answer… How much is truly enough? 

Recently “enough” continues to come up. Wondering about myself, and where I am in life, I’ve heard these three little words over and over… “You are enough” 

A conformation of being still and knowing “I am enough” in all areas of my life! There have been doubts and struggles along the way, wondering about personal growth, accomplishments, and my own self image.  The message of “I am enough” has come through loud and clear recently.  A moment of accepting my life, the stage I am in and the season of wonder where life went, has been all too real.  Watching family pass, wondering about the existence of my life’s purpose and realizing the “next generation” is several generations ago… And all while knowing, no matter the wondering,  it’s all been enough! 

Life and its lessons, no matter the challenge, personal growth is its sweetest gift… When in doubt, remember this…    “You are enough!”   

Living life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder…

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On the Other Side…

I talk, you listen.

I cry, you wipe my tears. 

I sit quietly, you hear my every thought.

I wonder, you comfort me. 

I miss you, you miss me too.

I hold onto my memories, you smile. 

I smile back…                                   

I am here, you are there.                  

I feel your presence,          

you know you are loved, 

On the other side…                                               

Aweider 12.18.15


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I started wondering about miracles yesterday… This time of year you can’t help but wonder… And certainly miracles are all part of the Christmas Season.

What if we truly embraced everything around us as it is, a miracle. Imagine the awe and gratitude we would feel.

As a simple tear rolled down my cheek yesterday, after a brief moment of missing my father, I looked in the mirror and realized my tear was a miracle. It made me smile. A moment of realiztion of just how miraculous life really is!

Both life and death miracles…       Breathing in and breathing out miracles… Expressing emotions, miracles…                This Christmas Season a miracle…             My life and all my blessings a miracle…

So as you are reading this blog, take a moment and count the miracles in your life today… I’ll bet you will realize everything that surrounds you is a miracle!

Living life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder❤️

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“The uncertainties, the ups and downs, the knowledge of the inevitable loss, seeing a beloved father suffer, and the total lack of control make this journey so hard. God won’t give you more than you can handle – lean on Him. Love ya.” 

A  Tex I recieved from a dear friend last night summed up exactly how I’ve been feeling this week… The uncertainties of the inevitable loss and all the ups and downs that come with the emotions that surround this journey is difficult. The reality is this is the fifth time we have been on this similar journey. Hospitals, rehabs, and even hospice all for continued “hope” and yet decline of my dads quality of life… 

Life is a precious gift given to all of us.

My gift… my father who has always been there for me and has loved me unconditionally. A piece of my heart is torn more and more each time as his aging journey continues. 

Today he is moved again to a rehab center, same place, same time of year except without his beloved wife by his side… Which makes me wonder… Does he still have that same desire to live? 

What will tomorrow hold? Uncertainty is inevitable for everyone that’s a given, but the uncertainty of an elderly parent tears at ones heart continually… 

I feel Gods grace and love on this journey with my father.

I AM Forever grateful for their Love❤️

Big George ❤️ Little George   

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Teachers All Around…

Wondering when and if… Knowing Gods perfect timing and the energy of the universe is always at work… I couldn’t help but be in awe when this picture and comment popped up on FB this morning. A reminder of my love and passion of a posting 2 years ago today.

That same room today is a bedroom for my 90 year old dad… A unexpected situation, part of my story to be told as my lessons unfold! A teacher…. Who continues to teach me quietly.

A posting from a very special friend…
“Just like “Frosty” sings, “Put one foot in front of the other…soon you’ll be walking out that door” — as a published author! Another analogy I use (yes, I really quote Frost to my clients, friends, anyone who’ll listen — Hey, the best stuff can come from a cartoon — like Dory (you!), who says, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming”) is a skiing reference: “Don’t look too far down the hill”…but don’t stare at your skiis, either. You got all those? They’re what I tell myself, as I embark on this journey beside you, m’sister. Keeps the need for breathing into a brown paper bag at bay. :D”

Her downhill analogy caught my attention this morning and there I was Sunday skiing for the first time in 37 years… And my ski instructor said to me “don’t stare at your skies”… Reading her comment this morning from 2 years ago made me realize the forces of nature and all her energy has my back… God puts teachers in my life. Those who I am highly aware of and others I never saw as teachers until now!


An aha moment of unconditional Love knowing those who bring on the most stress in your life are the same ones who teach you the most profound lessons!

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A Big World Out There…

The world
Its realm
Creating a path
Open arms to be joined
Strangers connecting
Personal growth happening…
Or is it?
Do you already know?
Are you willing to grow,
Be all you are called to be?
There’s a realm of the unknown…
A spiritual realm filled with energy
Waiting to be tapped.
Stillness, opens the heart and soul.
The quietness of any given moment…
If listened to, can change your energy.
How will you float today?
There’s a big world out there
What do you hear?
What will you add?
How will you be changed?