Love Awe Wonder…

Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

L.A.W. Poetry

I Wonder

I wonder what today will bring.
What tomorrow has in store,
And about all my yesterdays.

I wonder what I will accomplish today.
Whose life I will touch,
And will I be true to my authentic self.

I wonder about the ones I love.
How long they will be in my life,
And the blessings I receive from each one of them.

I wonder about my children.
Their children.
And their children’s children.

I wonder how I got to this age.
Where the years went,
And how did they go so fast.

I wonder why time moves faster and faster as we age.
What happens to each new day,
And where the days go.

I wonder when I started to wonder so much.
Embrace so much love for others.
And start seeing life through the eyes of awe…

Sometimes I wonder
what you think of me.
Then I remember it’s
none of my business,
And I count my blessings for who I have become…

Amy Weider
Copyright 2013


One thought on “L.A.W. Poetry

  1. This is beautiful girl.

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